Philosophy of Provizio & The Art of Real Estate

Provizio is a Latin derivative, which comprises several meanings: a step toward greatness; the act of providing something of quality; an action taken to prepare: a step taken to meet a possible or expected need. 

A more perfect word to name our training center could be found. 

Provizio is your place to dwell. Be inspired. Prepare for a notably successful career in real estate. And learn how to thrive in an intense, high accountability, high energy, and competitive real estate environment. 

Key presenters include Founder, President, and CEO Gino Blefari, vice presidents, department directors & managers, and top-producing agents. Classes include technical skills such as contracts, net sheets, and listing presentations. We offer mindset training such as handling objections, affirmations, and goal setting. 

Provizio is located at our corporate office on the Apple Campus in Cupertino, California. Participants meet every day of the week except Wednesdays and weekends. The initial classroom training is run eleven times throughout the year in three week long increments. Post-classroom training is run continuously throughout the year. 

The experience and exposure combined with Intero’s leading-edge technology, tools, and resources equips any agent with the opportunity for success, and filters out agents who are unsuited to meet the demands of the business.

By filling out the Career Info Form, you will supply valuable insight into your goals. Based on this information, one of our associates will contact you and guide you through the next steps.