The Intero Story

Though Intero Real Estate Services first opened for business in Silicon Valley in 2002, our story began many years prior. Shaped by a friendship that spans back to grade school, our founder all share a deeply ingrained commitment for the people they have worked with and served throughout their respective careers in real estate – the real estate agent. 

An unwavering resolve to that commitment is fueled by a core set of principles (trust, respect, integrity and innovation) - the fibers we weave into everything we do. 

As a result, local agents eagerly anticipated our opening. A great many joined heralding Intero as the fastest growing brokerage in the history of real estate. 

What agents recognized then and continue to today is how well Intero translates its vision into reality. Taken from the Italian word "entire" or "whole", Intero reflects the belief that in order to insure a healthy bottom line, a real estate company must embrace the needs of the people it serves as well as the community in which it resides. 

Internally, Intero acts on that. Diligent training. Education. Alternative support including life coaching and health and fitness programs provide agents with unique tools to become better individuals personally and professionally.

Externally, Intero was among the first companies in the country to distribute listings on the Web flexing it technological grasp media, syndication and the Web. 

In 2007, was named one of the "The Top 10 Real Estate Brokerage Websites in America" published by 1000 Watt Consulting and Real Trends chosen from over 600 top real estate brands. 

Locally, our deep commitment to environmentally friendly real estate practices awarded us the coveted EcoBroker Community Service Award in 2006.

Privately, at the heart of it all is our deep commitment to our roots realized through The Intero Foundation’s donations of over $1 million dollars to local children’s organizations.

Innovation isn’t just a word that looks pretty on paper. When applied to real life, it becomes meaningful. Real. 

In 2008, our agents witnessed our innovative commitments come to life with the real estate office of the future built in the heart of San Jose. Named Andare™, this compact, technology-rich and eco-friendly space was designed to give today’s mobile REALTOR®, the most progressive space possible to do business. 

In 2009 we began transitioning out of buying media to becoming the media publishing fresh new content almost daily providing the community as well as our agents internally with perspective, vision and critical information that support everything from lifestyle to career to decision making.

Intero is the #1 real estate company in Silicon Valley. But our reach now extends beyond having launched Intero International in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region. 

This isn’t about breaking records. It’s about bringing the better way we’ve perfected to good agents everywhere who desire something real. 

Success is derived when you do right by people. Customers. Employees. Neighbors. That’s our formula. We know it works. We’d love to share it with you.